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I wasn't sure which category to put this in---does anyone know the freezing point of kerosene?   


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This puts 1K (lamp grade) kerosene at a freezing point of -22F. 

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Thanks Rob,


Just curious.  Hope it never gets that low here in Decatur.  It hasn't yet since I have been here.




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I have an oil lamp, filled with regular commercial lamp oil (which is similar to kerosene, just "prettier") in one of my barns. It froze several weeks ago with our temps ranging between 32 F and 22 F. It looks alot like frozen water. -It surprized me.


Do you mean kero. freezes at 22 F or -22 F ?

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The lamp oil that froze on you in the 20's is not 1K Kero but liquide paraffin ( probably a blend like 95 %)which will gell at a much higher temp.
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We do a few cross country ski by lantern light here in the Michigan northwoods in January and February and we've had nights in the single digits and below zero and the kerosene has yet to have frozen. We did have a -30 day last winter, but did not have the lanterns going. I'll have to try it if it gets that cold again.

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I burn K-1 in my lanterns at Garfield Farm Museum in LaFox Illinois during Candlelight Tours every December.  They burn from 3pm till 7 pm outside on the path between the buildings.  We have had some cold years and I have never had the K-1 freeze.  However, kerosene is just a few years ahead of our time.   

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